Bon Nuit – Luxury Nightware Store for Ladies

How can a website show growth and transformation?


This online store was a catalog website before and client wanted to turn into an online store. The challenge was to build an online store for women night wear from scratch. The products range were clear and when your target audience are women you have to be very extraordinary and smart.


We brainstormed internally and also discussed with women who wish to buy these products online and what they look when purchase online. So from women's perspective we build a unique and user-friendly Bon Nuit Online Store.

Customer was very impressive with the result this online store has driven. After few days of launching this online store, all the products were started to sold out and it was a tremendous response. Their Premium Nightwears and Nightsuits For Women and Ladies are always on demand! We're so glad that we build a successful solution for our client and they're also very happy to be our client.
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